Confession: The modern woman in me did feel ‘motherhood’ is overrated. I stand corrected.

Mothers: As a nation we idolise them.

And with this idolisation, comes an almost invisible yet prevalent definition of ‘Motherhood’. The right way and the not so right way of being a mother.

We got talking…

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Sustainability, as a subject, has been garnering attention over years for the relatively more promising future that it promises. This involves re-looking at all the existing processes and ways to minimize wastage, bringing in optimisation in a way that has minimal impact on the ecosystem.

Most of us associate this term with big-ticket measures such as reducing CO2 emissions, conserving biodiversity, afforestation, more dependence on renewable resources et all.

Look a bit deeper and you’d realize our roots go deep into sustainable practices, we Indians, should all be too familiar with what…

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Light and Dark

There’s dark
and there’s light.
Both, in equal proportions
For, the universe
needs balance.
How’d you appreciate
the better,
if you haven’t seen the worst?
how’d you know what’s for you,
if you do not know
what’s not?

You are here
by choice.
To experience both
the light and
the dark.
That’s how
it is planned.

Slave, you say, of destiny?
For you have the choice
to create light even within
the darkest of moments
or feel dark
even in a street full of lights.

Choice, my friend
makes you powerful.
Choose wisely.

Life Lessons we must learn, for our sanity

As this year began, I wanted it to be really transformational. You know the feeling when you are looking for something more, something that you possibly need an effort to explain, to articulate in words. …

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